A new, community-created vision for Moreland Woods is starting to take shape.

Last October, FOMW hosted a neighborhood creative session to gather ideas about what Moreland Woods could look like as a community space. Mark Lakeman, the founder of Communitecture and one of our Sellwood neighbors, facilitated the event.

The session was a hit. Afterwards, Mark and his team came up with a set of aspirational drawings that reflect the best and most interesting ideas and show how they would look if they were implemented into the Woods.

FOMW worked with Mark’s team to create ideas for a two-phase approach whereby new features could be added to the Woods over time.

Above is one idea for Phase One; any changes to the Woods would be implemented only after a feasibility study.

If approved, Phase 2, above, would implement certain features to make the Woods more conducive to preserving its natural features while encouraging community connection.

The drawings depict the property from different angles, with ideas for new features visible in a layout that retains the Woods’ natural beauty but allows them to function as a gathering place as part of a dynamic neighborhood.

In addition to providing a blueprint for engaging with Foundation Partners Group—FPG, the property’s Florida-based owners—as we propose an option agreement, the images also help us solidify our vision for Moreland Woods as we move into fundraising for their possible purchase. We’re incredibly grateful to Mark and his team for their work on helping us solidify a vision for the Woods. (You can view a PDF with these images and more here.)