When you last heard from us, Friends of Moreland Woods (and our pal Mark Lakeman) had just met with Foundation Partners Group’s developer and landscape architect to make suggestions for alternatives to their plan, which at the time included the removal of five big Douglas-firs to accommodate the company’s new rectangular parking lot.

At that meeting, FOMW advocated for a different, L-shaped parking lot that would save all the mature trees except one. FPG liked the idea and is moving forward with it.

Is this a perfect solution? No. Are we excited about it? Not 100%. Our group has a mandate to seek an outcome that protects all the trees; losing even one big tree is painful.

We also continue to be concerned that in addition to selling its existing parking lot across SE 14th to the east, FPG also intends to sell the Woods’ remaining 1.8 acres, opening the lot to development and possible removal of the remaining trees.

Call for Public Comment — Act Now

There is action you can take, however.

On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, at 9:00 a.m., as a normal part of their consideration of a Type III Land Use Review, the Bureau of Development Services will hold a public hearing (remote, via Zoom). Here’s a link with all the meeting details.

Members of the public may submit written feedback before the meeting. How do you feel about the current plan? This is your opportunity to express your thoughts and opinions directly to BDS.

To be approved, FPG’s proposal must comply with the Title 33 approval criteria; all comments or feedback should address the relevant criteria for approval stated in Zoning Code Section 33.815.105.A-E.

We’ve made it easy for you by creating an email that you can customize. Here’s a link to a text document.

Making sure to reference Case #19-267882 CU (4200006), send your feedback to:

•  HearingsOfficeClerks@portlandoregon.gov

or via regular mail to:

Hearings Office, 1900 SW 4th Avenue, Room 3100, Portland, OR 97201

Please do this ASAP — by May 15 if possible. Written comments will be prioritized by receipt date, and spoken public comments will not be allowed during the meeting.

FOMW will continue to advocate for the City to acquire Moreland Woods for the community’s public benefit. Later this year, we’ll re-launch our campaign for public and philanthropic funds!