In October, Foundation Partners Group (FPG), the Florida-based company that owns Moreland Woods, informed us that they were not planning to sell the Woods at this time; they also provided us with a plan outlining a significant redesign of the site. These changes require a land-use change that will follow a Type III Conditional Use review process.

At a pre-application conference at the Bureau of Development Services on October 24, FPG revealed more details about the plan. You can review their application outline here. Friends of Moreland Woods attended the pre-application conference, which was not a public hearing but a standard process to provide city officials with information on the proposed changes.

Here’s a summary of what we learned:

1. FPG proposes reducing their conditional use boundary to exclude the existing parking lot on the east side of SE 14th Avenue, which would be sold or developed at a future date under the existing residential zoning conditions. The owners also propose the addition of a new, 23-space parking lot, located on Moreland Woods, which would command approximately one-fifth of the property. (click here to view a larger version of the site development plan below.)

2. In addition, FPG proposes developing Moreland Woods as a cemetery by locating new burial plots beneath the mature trees.

3. Finally, FPG proposes creating a potential public access tract along the Woods’ north perimeter — a tract that, in the future, could link to a connecting trail or scenic overlook into Oaks Bottom.

(Please note that we don’t yet have all the details. FPG has yet to formally submit an application, which will be required to address 1) any impacts to the Scenic Overlay Zone [“S”] on the southern portion of the site; 2) a well-developed landscape plan; 3) a tree preservation plan that demonstrates how removal of large trees will be minimized; and 4) an arborist’s report about the impact of their plan on tree roots.)


For more than a year, our community has sought to collaborate with FPG to create a plan for Moreland Woods that could account for both the company’s financial needs and the desires of those who live, work, and play in the neighborhood.

And while Friends of Moreland woods is pleased that FPG isn’t planning to sell the lot at this time, we have some serious concerns about the new proposal.

As a community, we have a collective opportunity right now to influence FPG’s plan before their application is finalized. And we want to know that you think.

Please join us on Wednesday, January 23, at Llewellyn Elementary for a neighborhood meeting where you’ll be able to learn more about the details of FPG’s proposal and provide your feedback. We will take your reactions and responses back to FPG.

This meeting will help us determine what stance to take — oppose vs. support — to FPG’s proposal when it is presented formally for neighborhood feedback.

Your opinion is essential. Please join us!