Last Friday’s meeting at Commissioner Fish’s office was a success! Because of your support, we were able to deliver 230 signed postcards to the Commissioner’s staff — AND to clearly convey our goals for protecting Moreland Woods. Thank you!

At the meeting, we learned that Moreland Woods could help address a gap in Portland Park’s goals for park access in the neighborhood. In 2001, recognizing that parks are a core city service offering places to play, exercise, meet neighbors, and enjoy nature, Portland City Council approved a plan to ensure that every resident is within a half-mile walk of a park or natural area by 2020.

We’re less than two years away from 2020, yet a current reference map indicates a strip of Sellwood-Moreland remains “park deficient” and would directly benefit from access to Oaks Bottom — access that Moreland Woods could provide. (Click to zoom detail at left.)

There’s still more to learn, and trail feasibility needs to be fully evaluated by professionals. But Commissioner Fish’s office expressed a commitment to help us explore acquisition and trail improvement options within the city’s various agencies, and we’re extremely grateful to them.