They’re Paving Paradise to Put Up a Parking Lot

FOMW is pained to report that on Monday, July 19, Foundation Partners Group (FPG), Moreland Woods’ Florida-based owners, felled four mature four trees to begin construction on their new parking lot.

A 100-foot-tall Douglas-fir that had stood in the grove for more than 75 years was reduced to a pile of wood chips over the course of a day.

In these times, it is unconscionable for corporate entities like FPG and Wilhelm’s to behave as though profit is the only motive that matters and that businesses don’t require a social license to operate. We know better.

As we lose one-third of the Woods to pavement, Friends of Moreland Woods is more committed than ever to protecting the remaining trees and natural setting of this special space. Read our latest press release here.


Let’s “Sign Up” the Neighborhood

The remainder of Moreland Woods is likely to be put on the market soon for purchase and development. Friends of Moreland Woods has other ideas. Please read our four-point plan for moving forward.

As part of our plan, FOMW wants to fill our neighborhood with SAVE MORELAND WOODS signs so that any potential developer who previews the property will see and understand right away how important Moreland Woods is to those of us who live here.

If you want a sign for your yard, please contact FOMW immediately. We’re asking everyone who receives a sign to make a minimum donation of $10 here.