The Last Winter for the Woods?

Last May, Foundation Partners Group (FPG), Moreland Woods’ corporate owners, applied and obtained approval for a conditional use (CU) permit by BDS that separates two parcels from their previous CU area and allows the creation of an L-shaped parking lot on the north side of the mausoleum. We expect construction on the parking lot and the removal of two or three large Douglas-fir trees to begin by summer.

With this in mind, we need to act quickly to secure the future of the remaining trees on Moreland Woods.

We have learned that FPG plans to sell two parcels—their current parking lot and what remains of Moreland Woods, minus the new parking lot—and intends to begin marketing the property to potential buyers.

What FOMW is Doing

Like the majority of our Sellwood and Westmoreland neighbors, FOMW is committed to protecting the mature trees that shelter Moreland Woods as well as the natural area surrounding them.

Because we believe that 2021 is likely to be the last year that the Woods will remain in its current ownership, our group has begun a new phase in our efforts.

  1. We want to assist a local, community-based entity (to be identified) in purchasing the Woods.
  2. To support this, we are planning to actively advocate for public funds and private donations.
  3. We are also looking for bridge-ownership options in which an interim group of landowner(s) may own the property until a longer-term buyer is ready to take ownership.

As this new phase begins, we are hoping to speak with land-use attorneys, the new Sellwood Community House, Portland Parks, Metro, and others. We’ll let you know what we find.