Our survey is getting popular! With more than 100 respondents (77 online so far and 38 at our January 23 meeting), it’s becoming clear how folks in the neighborhood are feeling about many of the details in FPG’s current proposal.

Here’s how it breaks down:

1. Do you support FPG’s proposal to sell the existing parking lot at SE 14th Avenue between Claybourne and Glenwood?

2. Do you support FPG’s plan to build a 23-space parking lot on Moreland Woods?

3. Do you support FPG’s plan to locate burial plots under the trees on Moreland Woods?

4. Do you support FPG’s offer to create a public trail through Moreland Woods that would provide access to the bluff and, if feasible in the future, a potential trail or overlook into Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge?

Haven’t taken our survey yet? Do it now! We’ll keep you informed with the latest results.